In conjunction with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, ZOE is pleased to bring you The Reliables! A hand-picked team of the finest superheroes out to save Life, The Universe, and Everything, one mistake at a time. Follow the show on Twitter at @TReliables. Mondays from 6-8 PM Pacific!

A misfit collection of superheroes travels through space and time to save the universe from itself. When all else fails, rely on THE RELIABLES… unless you have another option. Any other option. A live-play storytelling adventure, The Reliables uses dice and cards and the Savage Worlds system. The compelling story is provided by Game Master James Durham, and features the all-star cast of Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden and Eleise Moore.

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Main Cast

James Durham

Eleise Moore

Christian Doyle

Shawn Franklin

Xander Layden

Helen Roundhill

Bryce Bebop

Special Guest Stars

Chris Ode

Maggie Doyle

Owen Severns

Dave Beacham

Sharon Bebop

Mark Thomason

Leo Foster





Main Characters

John Stone

Vector Raynes

Ranger Rhonda

Princess Hedgehog



Occasional PCs

Thomas Wells

Rosie Harvin

Guybert Whiteman / Jahnrytta

Sam Stevens

Warren Winston Williams III


Season One Episode List

Something To Rely On

Episode 1: Something To Rely On

THE RELIABLES are a team of superheroes on a mission to save the universe. Meet the team! The team leader – appointed by the Council – is the cyborg John Stone. A gun-slinging space pirate, a magic goblin princess, a felonious shape-changer, a disgraced Space Ranger, and a hyper-intelligent rock make up his motley crew. Newly-assembled and on their first mission, they must save two crucial scientists in 1930s Germany from a Martian Invasion…

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

Unscheduled Departure

Episode 2: Unscheduled Departure

John Stone takes Jonomox, Vector Raynes, and Ranger Rhonda on a mission to a previously undiscovered island. The island is home to a myriad of deadly creatures, and has an odd effect on the soldiers sent to secure it. At the heart of the island is a volcano that holds a valuable secret – one that could destroy the world.

While the cat is away, the fox will play. Pierce has some unusual news when the team gets back to the Reliance. Now every mission is a race against the clock, and the question on everyone’s mind is – what will happen to them now? Find out on The Reliables!

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Eleise Moore, Christian Doyle

Makeshift Modifications

Episode 3: Makeshift Modifications

John Stone and Ranger Rhonda are back on the Reliance trying to effect repairs. Which means it’s Vector Raynes’ time to shine as he leads a small team into the bowels of an ancient space station. With Jonomox, Princess Hedgehog, and the inimitable Paul at his back, what could possibly go wrong?

The answer to that question starts with soup. And a grenade.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Xander Layden

Matter & Energy

Episode 4: Matter & Energy

John Stone takes Rhonda, Princess Hedgehog, and Paul out to try and find replacement parts for the badly damaged Reliance. They expect to find things from the 1900s. What do they find instead? Trouble.

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden

Hot Pursuit

Episode 5: Hot Pursuit

Chased across dimensions by beings wholly comprised of energy, the team aboard the Reliance rallies themselves for a boarding party. Or try to. There is not a charcuterie board and the team is decidedly unprepared for the reaction that provokes. Jonomox, despite not being liquid, saves the day. Vector Raynes rides a sandworm. And, in the end, Paul repairs the Reliance enough to jump.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden, Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle

Destinations Unknown

Episode 6: Destinations Unknown

Repair is a strong word when it comes to the Reliance. First the team ends up in a world filled with zombies. After fighting the zombies off, the Reliance jumps 20,000 leagues under the sea. Next is space. Then it’s a Civil War battlefield. After that comes a meadow filled with pretty flowers and killer robots. Can the team ever catch a break?

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden, Eleise Moore, Christian Doyle


Episode 7: Stowaways

Captured by the Galvanic Collective, the majority of the team are imprisoned. All except for the intrepid JONOMOX, the only member to slip away. Now the shapeshifting thief has to free his teammates before it’s too late. And if he happens to find some very shiny objects along the way, well. There’s no one around to tell him no.

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

So, You Want A Revolution pt 1

Episode 8: So, You Want A Revolution pt 1

Vector Raynes takes Jonomox, Princess Hedgehog, and Ranger Rhonda to the American Revolution. In an attempt at subtlety, the team goes into super-powered AVATARS to find out what the Galvanic Collective has planned. The AVATARS themselves are revolutionaries and spies alike, all dedicated to throwing off the British yoke. Just what is the Galvanic Collective’s interest in this metaverse, number 01776? Watch and find out!

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Eleise Moore, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill

So, You Want A Revolution pt 2

Episode 9: So, You Want A Revolution pt 2

After rescuing General George Washington from the British in Boston, the team takes him back to John Adams. Adams charges them to go and get the shapeshifter that had taken the General’s place. After a short chase, they question the shapeshifter. The miscreant, as it turns out, has nothing to do with the British – instead, the Galvanic Collective seem bent on prolonging the war. Still, their interrogation is not fruitless and they emerge with news of an imminent attack on the Continental Congress. And, to make things even more interesting, they have to repel a British attack on New York along their way.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Eleise Moore, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill

So, You Want A Revolution pt 3

Episode 10: So, You Want A Revolution pt 3

In this thrilling season finale, the team heads to Philadelphia to save the entire Continental Congress. Upon their arrival, they find the Congress already under siege. Hessian soldiers and British grenadiers are trying to breach the building, and our team immediately jumps into the fray. As each attacker they kill falls, the team sees another Galvan released into the atmosphere. Clearly this is no British-sanctioned attack. Jonomox finally manages to flex his shapeshifting muscles and forms a mega John Hancock. All seems lost when British heavies enter the field, but an unexpected rap battle send them on their way. Emerging from the Epic Rap Battle of History victorious, our team meets their avatars briefly as they pick up Reese in the Reliance.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Eleise Moore, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill

Season Two Episode List

The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 1 of 3

Episode 1: The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 1 of 3

It’s the start of a new season, and our heroes (?) waste no time in diving right on in. While Vector lead the away team for 01776, John Stone and Paul were working on a way to track the Galvanic Collective’s movements. It doesn’t take long for their sensors to register another incursion, so John Stone, Paul, Vector Raynes, and Princess Hedgehog head off to stop whatever nefarious plans are brewing.

Hopping into the metapods is the work of a moment, and the team finds themselves in the golden July of 1985. It’s a small, wholesome town and school’s out for summer; neighbors discuss baseball over their picket fences, and the most any kid has to worry about are the neighborhood bullies. The team’s avatars are the Monster Hunters Club, four kids with four bikes, a treehouse, and a taste for adventure.

The town is a little on edge when the pilots arrive, however; a murder at the pier has closed the whole place down. People are disappearing without a trace, and dark things lurk in hidden corners. It’s up to the team to solves the mystery – without getting grounded. And maybe, just maybe, find some hidden pirate gold along the way.

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden

The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 2 of 3

Episode 2: The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 2 of 3

As our heroes dive deeper into this treasure hunt, they must pack their bags and prepare for a super secret overnight trip in the forest. While on their adventure they see tons of crazy stuff and have to fight off the Sturms, Whitfields, and a gator? Exhausted, the kiddos take a break but awaken to an explosion. Uh-oh… Did somebody else get to Red Belly’s Gold before them?!

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden

The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 3 of 3

Episode 3: The Curse of Red Belly's Gold, pt 3 of 3

The team races towards the spot marked on the treasure map. They avoid all the pawns of the Galvanic Collective on the way through some very sneaky sneaking. At the spot, they find an entrance to a cave. Inside the cave, they find a sad, cursed pirate who bears a warning. Heedless of the danger, the team presses on - with the only casualty being Gabe's knuckles. Paul completely forgot they were not physically present and punched a wall. Fighting their way through skeletons, the team grabs the gold. Riding a wave out into the bay, the team breaks the curse by reuniting the gold with the wreck of Red Belly's ship. Strangely, the Galvanic Collective is no longer interested in the gold after the curse is broken. What are they really up to?

GM: James Durham; Players: Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden

Truth and Consequences pt 1 of 2

Episode 4: Truth and Consequences, Part One

The race to stop the Galvanic Collective continues as the team heads back to a somewhat familiar metaverse - one now irrevocably altered by the team's very actions. Paul, Jonomox, Princess Hedgehog, and Ranger Rhonda all find themselves in the bodies of a team of underground freedom fighters waging a desperate war against the oppressive Nazi regime. The end of a one-way trip finds them on Mars in a Nazi technology mine, and they don't take long in blowing the mine to get out safely. A short jaunt up to the mine's security office nets them the location of the facility they were sent to destroy. Of the Galvanic Collective, there is yet no sign. What are they up to? What's really happening on Mars? And is Corporal Sandy actually interested in knowing Sarge even better? Find out!

GM: James Durham; Players: Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

Truth and Consequences pt 2 of 2

Episode 5: Truth and Consequences, Part Two

Sarge and his team head out across the Martian desert to the main Nazi base. When they arrive, they are surprised to find that someone else got here first. A trip inside leads them to a tense standoff between the Nazis and… More Nazis? More truth about the Galvanic Collective is revealed in this action-packed episode! EVERYONE is glad to be back in the studio and it certainly shows.

GM: James Durham; Players: Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

Flash Gordon pt 1

Episode 6: Flash Gordon pt 1

While Jonomox and the others battled Nazis and the Galvanic Collective alike, John Stone and Vector went on a more subtle mission. Armed with the knowledge of the Collective’s game, plan the team reunites and heads out to thwart them. Sent into the world of Flash – Aaaaaahhh! – Gordon, the Collective’s interference is immediately obvious. Forced to crash-land on the ice world of Frigia, the team sets out to find the Collective. Can they stop the energy beings before they drain this metaverse of True Magic? Find out!

GM: James Durham; Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop

Flash Gordon pt 2

Episode 7: Flash Gordon pt 2

Following the Galvanic Collective as it transports crystals made of True Magic, our team finds the motherlode. A ship, but one far larger than any other Collective ship they have yet encountered. Sneaking onboard, they find a room filled with strange, giant orbs full of golden energy. Jonomox becomes Jonomite as a fight breaks out, and rigs the engines to detonate. Our team escapes right before the ship explodes, but the Collective on board was not so lucky. This metaverse is saved, our team is suddenly on the Collective’s priority list, and Flash Gordon arrives just in time to take all the credit.

GM: James Durham; Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Bryce Bebop

High Plains Heroes Pt 1

Episode 8: High Plains Heroes Pt 1

After having given the Galvanic Collective a solid black eye, the team heads to the Weird West. Sent into some heroes of the high plains, the pilots must bring together a band of outlaws. Together, they must stop the Collective from stealing a large shipment of ghost rock.

GM: James Durham; Players: Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

High Plains Heroes Pt 2

Episode 9: High Plains Heroes Pt 2

Ranger Rhonda, Jonomox, Princess Hedgehog, and Paul attempt to sneak into Butte City. Their target is the Iron Dragon Railroad depot in the center of town. After some discussion, they round up a priest and some nuns and use their clothes as a disguise. As they make their way in, it begins to rain. One truly epic fight later, they’re on their way out with the ghost rock – right into a flood on the plains.

GM: James Durham; Players: Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

High Plains Heroes Pt 3

Episode 10: High Plains Heroes Pt 3

In the season finale, the Reliables rush headlong over flooded plains with a train full of ghost rock. The floodwaters discourage all but the most determined pursuit – the Pinkertons. After dealing with them, the team has to keep the train on track while being mobbed by EVERYONE in a twenty mile radius. Their attacker’s single-minded focus can only mean one thing – the Galvanic Collective. When the mothership begins to descend to take the train, Coyote McCloud and Ranger Rhonda stand up and say no. In an epic of glory, they destroy the mothership and deal another serious blow to the Collective. Their farewells are bittersweet, and change is on the wind for everyone.

GM: James Durham; Players: Eleise Moore, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

Season Three Episode List


Episode 1: Checkmark

With all their mishaps and misadventures, it was inevitable that they would need review. Under the auspices of Thomas Wells, the team goes to retrieve a piece of the Titan Force from a metaverse it was never meant to be in. Sent as themselves, without avatars, they have to blend into Victorian, England – a challenge at the best of times. Princess Hedgehog flies and Vector Raynes gives a kid a knife. Paul does several Kool-Aid man impressions, leaving rather large holes in several walls. Jonomox, on the other hand, does the best he can to pull the mission off successfully. With the directive of “low profile” left thoroughly in the dust, what grade does Thomas give the team? Find out!

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

First Rodeo

Episode 2: First Rodeo

After a somewhat abysmal performance, Thomas recommends Rosie as a second evaluator. With the aid of TOM, Rosie coaches them through several scenarios. Their first test is a Battle of the Bands on Planet Thunderdome. With Paul rocking out as lead singer, the others bring their A-game to the performance. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Battle of the Bands without a real battle, and the KISS Boy Army is defeated. After that, TOM switches to a hostage scenario – one the Masters themselves failed. Working together, the team saves all the hostages.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

Half-A-Tar Shuffle

Episode 3: Half-A-Tar Shuffle

The team did very well in their evaluations, according to Rosie, but a big problem has finally been acknowledged by the higher-ups: Nobody on the Reliance can pilot the Reliance. The person who was originally supposed to pilot the Reliance - Pierce - jumped ship early into the team's tenure, and they have no way to make it work without him. While there are no good solutions, the Masters of the Metaverse have provided actionable intelligence about a person who might know where Pierce ended up. The team heads to a metaverse without proper avatars for them and end up in highly uncomfortable and unbondable half-a-tars - the fit for the pilots is...tight. Nevertheless, the team works to find the metaversal criminal and ex-pilot who might know where Pierce is - a man named Jimmy. When they finally find him, the only thing he can tell them is that years ago Pierce set up a hideaway; a metaverse only accessible from a backpack stored within another metaverse.

GM: James Durham; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, Xander Layden, Christian Doyle

The New Guy

Episode 4: The New Guy

Whether or not Jimmy gave them good info or a load of bull, the situation is critical; the Reliance has been caught by the gravity well of a star and is slowly falling to the doom of the whole crew. Jonomox, John Stone, and Paul begin working frantically to keep the Reliance from a death spiral. Fortunately, their situation is not without hope; the timely arrival of Crash Jaxun, T.O.M., and Guy give the team a few hours of reprieve. Long enough, hopefully, to find Pierce and get a more permanent resolution to the problem. While Crash helps the other three in maintaining orbit around the star, Vector Raynes, Princess Hedgehog, T.O.M., and the newly-arrived Guy all get into the metapods and travel to the metaverse that contains the portal to Pierce's private 'verse. One long, protracted fight, a fair amount of time in a stolen spaceship, and a close encounter with a biting backpack later, the away team finds themselves in the world Pierce hid away. Of course, the fact that they're present without their avatars - and the nearly-naked women riding dinosaurs and threatening to jab them with spears - means quite possibly that they have gone from the frying pan straight into the ifre. Shame T.O.M. cannot enter the 'verse with them - after all, he's here to serve.

GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, James Durham

What's In The Bag?

Episode 5: What's In The Bag?

Pulled into the world contained within the backpack, Vector, Guy, and Hedgehog find themselves suddenly present in their bodies and their avatars mysteriously vanished. Their immediate capture by the dinosaur-riding women does nothing to lessen the shock, and in fact brings Jahnrytta to the front. Several failed attempts at escape later see the team being carried to the presence of the king. While the women who captured them insist on using all of the king's many titles, the team are somewhat surprised to find that the king is none other than Pierce - the very man they were sent to find. While Pierce is understandably reluctant to leave, the fact that T.O.M. has taken the backpack aboard the Reliance and into mortal peril convinces him to at least leave for now. Lord Dredd and his Dredd Naughts attack the village without warning, and while the team beats them back Pierce explains they need Dredd's sword to leave. The team sets out for Dredd's floating fortress on the back of a large pink dinosaur named Lady, and land at the front door. The battle against the minions of Dredd goes easily, but the episode ends with something going terribly, terribly wrong.

GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, James Durham

Out Of The Bag

Episode 6: Out of the Bag

A quick jaunt through the fortress at the heart of the bag reveals some startling truths about Pierce, the bag, and reality as a whole. Unfortunately, someone is still out gunning for Pierce and to get him safely back to the Reliance is no easy task. In the end, they are left with a course-corrected Reliance and one extremely suspicious dead body. They left Guy in the bag because the bag needed a Protagonist, or it wouldn't function.

GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill, James Durham

John Stonomox: 48 Lethal Badboys 2

Episode 7: John Stonomox 48 Lethal Badboys 2

While the rest of the team is off trying to retrieve Pierce from the bag, Jonomox and John Stone take it upon themselves to save metaverse 01995 - a verse on the verge of collapse. Someone has gone through and killed all but two avatars in a metaverse, and it's up to John Stone and Jonomox to see those avatars to safety. Hijinks abound, and the petty thief may finally be warming up to the ex-SWAT cyborg.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin

A Necessary Evil pt 1

Episode 8: A Necessary Evil pt 1

A new clue leads the team to another metaverse on the edge of destabilizing. John Stone, Jonomox, and Paul head to a metaverse where people with superpowers abound, and clash in grand struggles of power user on power user! Or at least, they used to; the world has been invaded by aliens who have wiped out all but a few remaining supers. Our team lands in 3 D-list ex-supervillains who are bound and determined to stop the invasion at all costs. Of course, the aliens aren't keen on that and spend a lot of time trying to put large ordinance into small people.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden

A Necessary Evil pt 2

Episode 9: A Necessary Evil pt 2

After successfully stealing a ship from the aliens, the team heads to see notoriously unkillable gangster Willy the Fish. Willy asks for a payment from each avatar according to their talents, and gives the team information about a secret prison that might hold the answers they were looking for. Things go almost smoothly when they reach the secret prison - a state of affairs that naturally didn't last. Jonomox takes control of things by taking the place of a guard commander, and manages to deftly get them the rest of the way to their destination. It's a strange man they find in the cell; with the aid of a Lizard Wizard (patent expired) they bring the soul back to speak to them. What they got for answers was far more than they bargained for.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden

The Dogfather Saga, pt 1

Episode 10: The Dogfather Saga pt 1

While Rhodes can't see the forest for the trees as far as the mysterious not-pilot currently wreaking havoc on the timelines of a number of metaverses, he does have a personal request for the team. While the Reliance heads back to Hope Colony, ostensibly for some R&R, he asks that a team jump into avatars into one particular metaverse to fix what's going wrong. As an additional incentive, he notes that this mission would release Jonomox as having fulfilled the terms of his parole. The team agrees to go. Hopping in, it seems the metaverse is a world of anthropomorphic animals. Jonomox is a good boy, Vector is a mutt hungry for attention, Paul is a hawk with a keen interest in the law, and John Stone is the son of the Dogfather himself. The Corleybone Family is under attack, and the pilots must help their avatars survive the mob war that is brewing.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden, Bryce Bebop

The Dogfather Saga, pt 2

Episode 11: The Dogfather Saga pt 2

The Corleybone Family proved themselves to be the Top Dogs. In a series of daring raids and quick maneuvers, the team eliminates every last member of the opposing Family. Sammy take the lead of the Family when his father’s health forces him to retire. But all is not well in paradise; there’s a snitch in his confederates. On top of that, Sammy holds a very precarious throne and the sharks are circling ever closer.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden, Bryce Bebop

Good Boys

Episode 12: Good Boys

As fast as the rise to the top was, the struggle to stay there starts even faster. Sammy – now Don Corleybone, head of the Family – tries to find traitors as Harry brings bad news. A traitor in his organization, someone close to the top is barking up the wrong tree to the feds. As plot twists abound, the pilots take desperate measures to make sure the Good Boys come out on top.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Xander Layden, Bryce Bebop

Basic Training

Episode 1: Basic Training

His parole up at long last, Jonomox chooses to stay with the team as a free being in his own right. He's not the only one joining the team, however; two new graduates of Rhonda's school are on board. Sam, your basic ex-PI, and Warren Winston Williams III, explorer extraordinary, come with high recommendations from Rhonda. Joined specially for this mission by Guybert and his impromptu companion, Jonomox has to make sure the two are up to snuff.
It's a pretty basic assignment; Apocalypse Then in a metaverse not slated for it, and their job is to figure out what happened. All signs point to their Adversary and their mad plans; TOM and Thomas request they get as much data as possible. Every little bit will help those two geniuses (?) track their opponent in the metaversal streams.
And Paul can probably fix up any lingering effects of prolonged exposure to this metaverse.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle,
SPECIAL GUEST STARS: Sharon Chase Bebop, Dave Beacham, Owen Severns

Beyond Furry Road

Episode 2: Beyond Furry Road

Things get furry fast as TOM and Thomas find a lead on the Adversary. Jonomox, Princess Hedgehog, Vector Raynes, and Warren Winston Williams III head to the metapods for this mission. Their jump takes them to a postapocalyptic world full of talking animals. Their avatars, a bunch of happy-go-lucky scavengers, manage to bumble their way towards the mission objective. Random pod malfunctions keep life interesting as pilots switch avatars randomly. It's a race against time to get Wiley Coyote and his pack to the fortified bunker.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Bryce Bebop, Helen Roundhill

Super Teen Mystery Force Pt 1

Episode 3: Super Teen Mystery Force Pt 1

TOM and Thomas have another lead on where the Adversary will strike next, and send the team into another metaverse. Jonomox, Paul, Warren Winston Williams III, and Vector Raynes all end up in the bodies of 15 year old super geniuses. The boys are clowning around an archeological dig when their professor is murdered and they themselves are captured. Hijinks ensue as they escape capture, get recaptured, escape again and finally smuggle themselves onboard a submarine that is headed for the bad guys' secret lair.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden

Super Teen Mystery Force Pt 2

Episode 4: Super Teen Mystery Force Pt 2

The team of 15 year old supergeniuses - super-genius defined by IQ point, not by maturity (clearly) - sneak themselves down into the Evil Underwater Lair via a reasonably uncomfortable submarine ride. Once there, they get themselves captured on purpose, only to break out yet again. They manage to sneak through the base undetected, until they get to a computer that is the height of sophistication - for the 80s. Some screwdriver work, scissors, and several yards of magnetic tape later and they manage to acquire a schematic of the base, as well as what's been built to cause worldwide devastation: An earthquake machine. Unfortunately, the systems intrusion does not go unnoticed and the team is forced to make a new door to escape the computer room. When they reach the Doomsday Device, they find the Adversary in a very chatty mood as the machine begins to spin up. According to said Adversary, the Galvanic Collective was the brainchild of the Masters of the Metaverse, in an attempt to stop all bad things from happening, ever. The Adversary's body is trapped in the moment of their creation as their spirit ranges back through their previous lives in an attempt to prevent that moment from ever coming to pass - and saving their lover in the process. They claim that the only reason the team has interacted with the Galvanic Collective at all is because of the Adversary's work. The team manages to stop the Doomsday Device and save their avatars, but they have their doubts about the claims made in the room.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Bryce Bebop, Xander Layden

No Clue Part 1

Episode 5: No Clue Part 1

Paul, as a Sodian, has no need of sleep; as such, they are in a position to find a mysterious gift on the table of the mess hall. Handwritten records of the Masters of the Metaverse, dossiers and mission reports about them and the people around them, dating back several decades. However, it seems like the older records are fading - being unwritten. Meanwhile, Jonomox is kept from sleep by the suggestions brought forward by the Adversary and finds himself in the metapod room just as Pierce stumbles out of one of them. Pierce, as it turns out, has been clandestinely using the metapods to bond avatars, in the hopes he can find an edge that will keep him alive if the Masters ever come against the ship. When Paul shows up with the folders of information that should definitely not be outside the Archives, Pierce's estimation of the Adversary's truthfulness rises to 87%. Still, the trio doesn't have long to ponder this outcome before John Stone sends them on another mission against the Adversary. This time Jonomox, Paul, Warren, and Princess Hedgehog go to a metaverse whose timeline is somewhere in the late 1950s, and which has definitively no magic.
Once there, the team finds themselves on a ferry to an asylum for the criminally insane. A doctor, a reporter, a federal agent, and a serial killer all depart the ferry on the island. Nobody greets them on the dock, and the scent of fire hangs on the breeze. They head towards the interior of the island, and find the estate of the head doctor is on fire. A corpse sits among the flames - but not the corpse of the head doctor. The team head towards the asylum itself, seeking answers.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Xander Layden, Helen Roundhill

No Clue Part 2

Episode 6: No Clue Part 2

Things get stranger and stranger as the team gets deeper into the asylum. They meet and defeat several groups of inmates, all of whom were chemically augmented in some way. Princess Hedgehog also finds traces of magic - True Magic - on the experimental inmates. This is a Very Bad Thing, as this metaverse very much does not have any magic-wielding denizens. As the team descends into the bowels of the asylum, they find a monster made of human parts methodically disassembling and incorporating people dressed like orderlies. They manage to stop the thing and set the people in scrubs free before finding the Adversary at the heart of the asylum inside the head doctor. Seeing that the Adversary is about to ritually sacrifice the head doctor, the team steps in and stops that plan. Unfortunately, their actions have attracted Rhodes' attention and he shows up angry enough to chew nails and spit tacks. One snap, and he takes them all to Meta-End - or tries to, anyway. Instead, they end up in a Joe's Diner with opaque windows. The prison, the office of Rhodes - all of it, never having existed. The man who was Rhodes looks bewildered as he sets his hat aside, and the Adversary makes their escape out the doors of Joe's.

GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Xander Layden, Helen Roundhill

Some Short Stories

Pre-S1 Jonomox Steals a Deal

S1 E2 The Tall and the Small

S1 E4 Vector Raynes Installs A Gun

S1 E7 Vector Raynes Goes To The Matinee

S2 E3 New Sensations

S2 E4 Precision Work

S2 E8 Fireside
The Devil's Right Arm

S2 E10 Love and a Little Windmill

Between S1 and S2 Team Building Exercises

S3 On Polysilicate Mourning Rituals

Art by Namachuki

Art by Wakor

Art by MoffitArts

Art by Birdee Blake

Art by Chips BY

Art by solsticeill0

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